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HiDRTAEZERO has been specially formulated with ZERO SUGAR and ZERO CARBOHYDRATES to help with effective re-hydration and replaces all 5 electrolytes lost during sweat. This unique formulation of Vitamins, Electrolyte Salts and L-Glutamine assist the body to absorb and restore lost salts rapidly.

Proper electrolyte replacement becomes important. Electrolytes are lost from the body through sweat.

Not only Sodium and potassium are lost in the greatest amounts via sweat, while magnesium, calcium and others are also lost.

Sweat rates can range from 0.3 to 2.4 litres per hour. Electrolyte complex is based on valuable salts lost during sweat

To restore a healthy balance, you need to replace the lost electrolytes. A limited number of electrolytes can be replaced during exercise through most premium sports performance drinks, that is why this formulation is the BASE of all Epieq Products

The wellness benefits of Vitamins, minerals, VitaminC and L-glutamine are endless